Enjoy some family time

According to Nasscom, there has been a spike of an average of 30% in internet usage worldwide since the COVID-19 pandemic caused many countries to issue lockdowns. Even before the pandemic began, peoples' dependency on social media apps and other instant gratification websites and apps was alarming, and now with social isolation, it has surged.

We understand that it is easier to hand the mobile phone to children to help them keep busy. But it is not advised in order to keep them safe from getting addicted to them. We have jotted down 10 fun indoor games and activities you can do as parents to keep them engaged.


1.The Floor is Lava
This is a popular game in which you must pretend that your floor is lava or is full of any dangerous substance, e.g. acid, quicksand etc. You're safe and in the game, if you're standing atop any piece of furniture. But the moment you step foot on the floor, you're out. The game begins when anyone in the house screams, "the floor is lava" and then counts up to 5 backwards. The one who doesn't manage to hop on to a piece of furniture within 5 counts loses.

2.Musical chairs
Get your family ready for a classic game of musical chairs. This is a fun game for which you only need chairs, or simply slots to fill in. So choose an automatically stopping music playlist from Youtube and get playing.

3.Cards and Board Games
This is the perfect time to bring out all the fun board and card games your kids got as birthday gifts. Gather your whole family together and bond over board games and let the fun never stop.

4.An Indoor Picnic
So what if you can't step out in the open? Prepare a gorgeous meal for your family, pack it up in boxes and put them in a basket. Spread a mat in the open area of your house that preferably faces the sunlight and have an indoor picnic! Don't forget to dress up in fancy picnic clothes to keep the feeling of a picnic alive!

5.Tug of war
What better time to indulge in a good old game of tug of war than this? Gather your most reliable teammates and put all your might to win this one.

6.Pillow Fight
Children love pillow fights! Get on your bed and get the match started.

7.Skips/Squats/Push-Ups Challenge
Get your spirits high in the lull period with a little competition. Whoever does the most number of Skips, Squats or Push-ups wins. P.S.: Let the little ones win. It'll brighten their day!

8.Play "Statue"
This game used to be an all-time favourite amongst kids. When someone yells "statue", you have to stay right where you are like a statue. The one who gets caught not being a statue loses.

9.Star Gazing
Watch the stars together. There have been reports of dipping pollutions levels. Because of this, the sky too, has cleared up. So it makes for a perfect time to look at the stars and just be thankful for the family you have.

10.Role Playing Games
Let your children express themselves with role-playing games. Pretend play helps children to develop and use their creative abilities and skills. Let them be whatever they want, a teacher, a librarian, a scientist, a musician or a video blogger. Be part of their game by participating actively. E.g. If they want to be a cook, let them take the lead in their pretend-kitchen, and make sure you pretend-eat what they cook.

With all the extra time at hand, don't forget to click pictures to remember the time you bonded together as a family.

So stay away from the screen and indulge in some family time, the traditional way.