If we were to make a list of colourful festivals, Navratri would surely be standing out as one of the contenders at the top of the list since the festival is symbolised by nine unique colours. Like all other festivals, Navratri too is a time when families come together and splurge to keep the celebrations grand. However, apart from all the fun and family bonding, there is much more to learn about managing our finances better using the nine colours of Navratri, which in turn corresponds to the nine forms of the goddess.

  1. Grey

    The colour Grey represents Shailaputri form of the goddess to whom devotees pray for abundance and prosperity. It has a direct context of good financial planning, which is all about gaining abundance and prosperity. Hence it is important that investors develop their investment plans in a manner that will help them avoid losses and therefore maximise wealth.

  2. Orange

    The colour Orange represents goddess Brahmacharini who stands for the eternal quest for knowledge. There is no better way to secure ones financial future by knowing as much as there is about investments. Only when one constantly seeks to improve their financial future, will they try to equip themselves with the right knowledge to be able to do so. Like everything else, there is always room to learn more in investment and financial space.

  3. White

    The colour White represents goddess Chandraghanta who stands for balance and moderation. In every investor’s life, there comes a time when he is willing to take additional risk. But every risk should be a calculated one so as to avoid unwanted losses. The principles of balance and moderation will help investors take a better approach to their financial decisions. Click here to read more about our investment guide to help you with planning a balanced portfolio.

  4. Red

    The colour Red represents goddess Khushmanda who stands for the energy of all forms. Anyone who seeks a better financial future for themselves and their loved ones should be proactive about it. Taking better financial decisions that will have long term gains requires one to be enthusiastic and energetic with a long term view of financial planning. Speak to our financial advisor now in case you need on this.

  5. Royal Blue

    The colour Royal Blue represents goddess Skandamata who stands for divine purity. To be in the pure form also means to be in the basic or principle form. For anyone who seeks better financial planning, it is essential to know the basics of how money works. If one’s knowledge of the core principles of financial decision making is in place, it is easier to make better decisions.

  6. Yellow

    The colour Yellow represents Devi Katyayani who stands for channelling emotions in the right direction. It is a rule of thumb that financial decisions cannot be driven with emotions. It is possible events from our personal life may lead us to feel greed, fear, anger, etc. But a good investor will not let these emotions impact his decision making. Therefore, before making any decisions it is important to keep these emotions in check and rely solely on logic and facts.

  7. Green

    The colour Green represents Goddess Kalaratri who stands for power or strengths. Not all type of financial investments suit everyone, therefore it is important to identify the right ones for us. If you are someone who has a low-risk appetite who has had satisfactory returns with low-risk investments then it is better to continue doing the same than to jump into high-risk investments only because everyone is doing so.

  8. Peacock Green

    The colour Peacock Green represents Devi Mahagauri who stands for hope. Nothing fuels the enthusiasm of people who like to plan their finances better than hope. Hope makes way for an optimistic attitude and patience that even if a financial decision took a bad turn, it can be fixed by making better decisions in the future.

  9. Purple

    The colour Purple represents Devi Siddhidatri who stands for ambitions and dreaming big. However, merely being ambitious is not enough when it comes to our financial goals. It is important to have a well-researched and planned approach towards one’s financial goals, otherwise, they might get lost on the way. Hence, it is always advisable to speak to a financial advisor who would guide you through your financial ambitions with the right resources.

Despite the variety of colours that represent the Navratri festival, one common theme that runs through them all is the victory of good over evil. Therefore, we hope that each colour of Navratri inspires you to get closer to your financial goals by making better financial decisions.