Secret to live longer

The average Indian is expected to live for 69 years as per latest Sample Registration Survey (SRS) for 2013-17 released earlier this year. Women are slightly ahead with a life expectancy of 70.4 years as compared to men at 67.8 years. It should come as little surprise then that the world’s oldest living person is a woman too.

We live in an age with a high incidence of disease, air pollution, chronic illnesses and stress. However, it is still possible to live a longer life, while also being healthy and disease free well into your 80s. Here are a few secrets of longevity to take note of:

1. A little chocolate goes a long way:. If you never eat chocolate, your time on this planet might be short! Well, that’s because people who eat a moderate amount of chocolate have been found to live a longer life as compared to those who ate it several times a week. So the next time you see a choco fudge you know what to do!

2. Gobble up some garlic: Did you know that the ancient Romans fed their sailors and soldiers with garlic for strength? They knew the superpowers of garlic could be the secret to living longer. Garlic releases hydrogen sulfide which helps lower blood pressure, increase immunity, improves circulation and keeps blood sugar levels in check.

3. Develop close bonds: A study revealed that those who had a close relationship with their mother lived longer than those who weren’t. More than 90 percent of those who were not in touch with their mothers developed a chronic illness. This trend was seen in less than 50 percent of those attached emotionally to their mums.

4. Choose the right spouse: Do you know that longevity is an inherited trait across three generations? Which is why it matters to be wise when choosing your life partner. It can help the next generation of your family live a longer life. Marrying someone whose grandparents are still alive, increases the chances of your children inheriting their genes and hence this could be one of the best kept secrets of longevity.

5. Adopt a pet: Open your heart and home to an animal such as a dog, cat or even an owl! Pets can make you feel less lonely and depressed. Instead they offer unspeakable comfort, lots of laughter, and above all get you moving! Research has also detailed how owning a pet makes you less prone to cardiovascular diseases, especially heart attacks.

6. Be an optimist: If you have been through the half full or half empty glass dilemma, you know it. People who look at the brighter side of life even on days which can be dull and dreary live 12 times longer than those who have a more pessimistic view of life. Happy thoughts make you less stressful and give you the power to face your challenges head on. Embrace optimism, it is the secret to living longer!

7. Get moving: Do you keep staring at a computer sitting on your desk in your 9 to 5 job? Well make exercise a priority. It has been found that people who sit for four hours a day outside of work, have a 50 percent greater risk of dying than those who sit less than two hours a day.

Incorporating these tips and tricks into your life may not always protect you from chronic illnesses. So it is only wise to be prepared for the future. Buying a critical illness cover provides financial cover in times of need so that you don’t have to be dependent on anyone.

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