Future Generali India Life Insurance ULIPs put the security of an insurance plan and the wealth-expanding potential of investments in the same convenient package. Unit Linked Insurance Plans offered by Future Generali India Life Insurance put away a part of your premiums for your insurance coverage and invest the rest in various funds. 

Further, the premiums paid for these ULIPs qualify for deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Thus ULIPs decrease your tax burden while simultaneously allowing you to make investments keeping the market conditions in mind. 

ULIPs offered by Future Generali India Life often come with various funds depending on an investor’s risk appetite. Each fund is built with a different investment strategy in mind. Some funds are designed to provide stable, low-risk returns on investment. Other funds direct your investments towards the equity market - thereby putting you in a high-risk but high-reward situation. 

Future Generali India Life Insurance lets you switch between various funds available in your Future Generali Big Dreams Plan. You can switch 12 times in a year for free. Beyond this, a charge of ₹ 100 is applicable per switch. You can use this feature to ride on the bull market and safeguard your returns during the bear market.

During years when market returns are booming, you can shuffle a portion of your ULIP premiums into funds that invest in equities. When the market returns start showing signs of a slow-down, you can reallocate your investments in funds that deal with debt instruments. Debt instruments provide returns though the interest paid on loans and are a safer but less-rewarding investment option. During a bearish market, debt instruments assure you of a low-risk return on your investments. 

Future Generali India Life Insurance ULIPs further allow you to change the proportion of your premiums that are put in investment funds. After the first year, you can increase or decrease the percentage of premiums that you set aside for investments and wealth-expansion. When the market returns diminish, you can redirect your premiums towards the insurance side of your ULIP plan, thereby strengthening the safety net for your loved ones. When market returns start picking up again, you can ride the cycle and redirect your premiums towards investment funds that allow you to reap the rewards of a bull market.