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Future Generali Group Superannuation Plan

Future Generali Group Superannuation Plan

  • About

    Specifically designed for companies that offer Superannuation Benefit to their employees

  • Separation Benefit


  • Member’s Age at Entry

    18 to 79 years

  • Minimum Floor Rate

    1% per annum

  • Minimum Initial Contribution Amount

    Rs 2 Lakhs

  • Minimum Group Size


  • Tax Benefit



  • It offers flexible options to you as an employer to effectively manage retirement benefits for your employees.
  • You get guaranteed return with Minimum Floor Rate of 1% p.a. on the contributions made
  • You get an additional return declared in the form of Annual Bonuses over and above the Minimum Floor Rate. Residual Addition, if any, is also added to your fund after 5 years.
  • You get the expertise of our investment team to manage your fund

How it Works

The payouts will be done as per your scheme rule.

Step1Choose your scheme type
  • The product allows for contribution either from employer or from both the employer and employees
Step2Choose the type of benefits for employees
  • Defined Benefit Scheme
    Under this scheme the amount of pension and other benefits are defined in advance in the rules of the scheme.
  • Defined Contribution Scheme
    Under this scheme, the rate of contributions or the amount of contributions are defined in the rules of the scheme. Separate member level accounts will be maintained by insurer.


In case of separation of an employee due to any reason, a lump sum amount i.e. the Superannuation Benefit as per the scheme rule will be paid.


Member’s Age at Entry18 to 79 years Minimum Group Size10 Minimum Contribution at Inception 2 Lakhs Member’s Age at Maturity19 to 80 years
Policy Term (PT)Yearly (Renewable) Minimum Balance in Policy Account 1 Lakh


  • The liability of the Insurer at any time will be limited to the balance in the policy account.
  • The Insurer will only be concerned with fund management, and the client company will have to bear any shortfall in funds, if it arises at any time.


Future Generali Group Superannuation Plan (UIN: 133N043V02)

  • Tax benefits are subject to change as per tax laws.
  • For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure and/or sample policy document on our website carefully and/or consult your advisor before concluding the sale.
  • Insurance is subject matter of solicitation.
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