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Retirement Planning

Want to Retire Rich, Here's a Planning Recipe Just for You

Retire Rich

Not every investor you have seen or heard about was born with a silver spoon; most of them had to toil hard to reach where they are today, and they struggled to reach the summit of success for a long time. They are successful today because they planned. Planning is vital when it comes to retirement. Being rich before retirement means having enough money to fulfill all your needs before you retire. can h…

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6 Reasons You Need Not be a Financial Wizard to Buy Term Insurance Online

Buy Term Insurance Online

Whether it’s placing an order for grocery items or buying electronics online, people today are getting hooked on the onlinemode in a big way. However, when it comes to purchasing term insurance online, they find it a daunting task and keep on procrastinating the buying decision. Why? Just because they are not a financial wizard?

Think of it in this way. Are you even an electronic wizard? Maybe or maybe not. If you are not someone who…

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Are You Saving for a Comfortable Retirement? Here's How to Check

Savings plan for a comfortable retirement

If you find yourself wondering about a comfortable life after retirement, then you’re not alone. Let’s face it, our working lives have shaped our daily lives for many years, and now suddenly, you could be thinking, “What's next”?

But think about it, a comfortable retirement means time to re-discover old hobbies, go for sun-soaked holidays, or play a leisurely round of golf. So, do not fear the next chapter of your life, as this one c…

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Plan your second income even before You Retire

Second Income after retirement

We may think that at retirement having time with family and friends is the most important thing. However, it’s not possible if you are not financially equipped for your …

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Different types of term insurance plans and what makes them unique

Types of term insurance plans and their uniqueness

If you have kept your eyes and ears open over the recent few years, there is a really decent chance that you would have known about . Although they…

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How can term insurance pay your income to family till you retire

Term insurance for retirement

Term insurance plans are considered most simple and straightforward as they pay a lump sum amount to the family in case of death of the insured. Traditionally this is how a …

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Tips to chase your big retirement goals.

Big retirement goals.

The lifestyle of present retirees is immensely different from what it was before. Today’s self-motivated retirees lead a dynamic life, invest time in friends and family,…

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6 Features Only the Best Term Insurance Plans Will Carry

features of best Term Plan

Life is uncertain, which is a known reality and is encompassed by various risks like accident disability, disease, or demise. Such dangers come uninvited and create a ma…

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Here's What Term Insurance Policy Really Protects

Term Insurance Plan Protection

With our lives becoming highly uncertain, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we'll be around our loved ones to provide for them for a long time. Yet, we can help the…

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Here's Why Your Term Cover Should Increase with a Home Loan

Term Insurance for Home loan

Do you think the massive interest rate on your home loan is the only cause for concern? If you are the sole bread earner for your family, you can add one more worry. Ima…

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Save Early to Keep Living Out Your Dreams Post Retirement

Keep Living Your Dreams Post Retirement

When it comes to the question that why people don’t save for the future, excuses overflow. Many say they don’t earn enough money to save for the future, which is rea…

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Take Control of Your Future with These Retirement Planning Tips

Taking control of future with retirement planning

Thinking about what your future holds, can often leave you feeling confused and stressed. The good news is, there’s nothing that can stop you from being the master of yo…

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5 Golden Rules to Get Your Retirement Planning on Track

Retirement planning tips

When you hear the word “Retirement”, what comes to your mind instantly? “Relaxation, seven-day weekends, sleeping till noon, living by the beach, globetrotting trips?”

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Immediate annuities: A comprehensive guide

Immediate annuities: A comprehensive guide

Manoj was definite that he wanted to retire from his job at a reputed MNC by the time he turned 55 years of age. He had already decided that he would work as a consultan…

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Gift your future self with the safety of steady income

safety of steady income

Devendra was worried about having a steady source of income post-retirement. He was already 55, and wished to retire early to focus more on several priorities on his…

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How much money do you need to save for retirement? Here is a guide

How much do you need to save for retirement

Vinod is a doctor, married with a single kid aged five. He is in his late 30s, and his expenses include home loan EMIs, insurance premiums, and half-yearly travel va…

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What are the tax benefits of immediate annuities?

tax benefits of immediate annuities

After toiling hard for 33 years, Ramesh Kumar, 58, is on the cusp of retirement from one of the most reputed engineering firms in the country. Retirement is supposed…

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What is an immediate annuity? Five things you need to know

What is an immediate annuity

What is immediate annuity?

An immediate annuity is basically a risk-management tool designed to provide a steady income at regular intervals, most often to someone on …

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Your retirement days might be far, but the planning should start now

Start retirement planning now

As a young working professional with a budding career, thoughts of retirement may be the last thing on your mind. You may be thinking about some of your more immedia…

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6 things you can do now to prepare for a leisurely retirement

How to prepare for a leisurely retirement

A survey revealed that Indians below the age of 55 thought that they would need 71 percent of their current salary to help them retire comfortably post 60. The truth…

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3 Habits to a Happy Retired Life

The Three Habits of Happily Retired People

Retirement is an exciting prospect. Who doesn't want some newfound free time and money to spend? To do that, however, you need proper retirement planning. You have to plan an…

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How to Be on Track with Your Retirement Plan

How to Be on Track with Your Retirement Plan

It can sometimes be hard to imagine what you will be doing next year, let alone the next five years, ten years or beyond. But when it comes to retirement planning the earlier…

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