ULIP is a mix of both investment and insurance. As a hybrid product, a part of the premium paid in Unit Linked Investment Plan goes in life cover and the remaining amount gets invested in investment fund chosen for wealth creation. ULIPs are a great choice in order to meet long-term goals, including child education, retirement, a house among others. Cost and returns are considered for comparison when it comes to investing in insurance products. That’s when ULIP calculator comes out as the best tool.

ULIP calculator is a tool that is designed to help investors know the maturity amount based on their expected future investment value and returns. Before knowing how to calculate fund value in ULIP, you must know what it does. The ULIP calculator helps in comparing multiple ULIP policies based on the return. People often confuse between sum assured and fund value in ULIPs. Sum assured is the total amount paid to the beneficiary in case of policyholder’s demise. On the other hand, fund value is net asset value on that particular day multiplied by the number of units held.

In case of ULIP, a policyholder can choose from a set of funds to invest in, as per his risk appetite and depending on market conditions. The total monetary worth of the units owned by the policyholder is termed as fund value. You can calculate the fund value on a particular day by multiplying the net asset value of each unit on that particular day by the number of units held.

Conditions under which pay-out can be received from a ULIP plan

  • Upon Policyholder’s demise: In case of policyholder’s demise during the policy term, the sum assured or fund value (whichever is higher) is paid to his/her family. So, if the fund has not been performing well and the fund value is lower than sum-assured, sum assured will be paid.
  • Upon policy surrender: In case the policyholder surrenders the policy during the lock-in period, the insurer deducts the applicable charges from the fund value and pays the surrender value after completion of the lock-in period, which is normally a period of 5 years. Also, just in case the policy owner surrenders the policy after completion of the lock-in period, the insurer pays the fund value.
  • Upon maturity: When the policy period gets over, fund value is paid to the policyholder.

How to calculate returns on ULIP plans using ULIP calculator

First of all, log on to any website or online source to get free access for online ULIP calculator. Then once you get logged on to the ULIP calculator page, you are asked to provide some information like name, date of birth, gender, contact details and your smoking habits. Proceed next with providing ULIP investment related information. Enter the amount of premium or the amount of money you would like to invest in ULIP. When you are entering the premium amount, keep it affordable and realistic. You must choose the premium frequency. The amount you wish to invest needs to be paid on a monthly/quarterly / half-yearly/yearly basis, as per the premium payment mode chosen by you throughout the tenure of the policy. Choose it as per your convenience. Next step is to choose the tenure you wish to invest in ULIP. Carefully choose the time frame for which you would want to stay invested in a particular ULIP. Keeping in mind your long-term goals and investment objective, you must choose the right tenure smartly. ULIP gives an option to choose the investment fund of your choice. Ensure to choose the right investment fund option keeping in mind your risk appetite, investment objective and market conditions. You always have an option of fund switching . Click on calculate tab to get the estimated return details on the intended ULIP plan. With this you can also compare various ULIP plans.


There are various types of ULIP designed in ways to suit diverse range of needs. Here are some of the important benefits of ULIP calculator:

  • ULIP calculator can help you in making an informed and rational investment choice.
  • ULIP calculator can help you make a financial decision easy as it is simple to use, easy to access and free of cost.
  • With the help of ULIP calculators, investments can be strategised according to your age, financial goals and risk appetite.

As an investor, it is essential that you are always updated on the value of your investments. It is therefore important that you develop an understanding on how fund values are calculated in ULIP plans.

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