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What Are The Different Types Of Ulips?

ULIP investments are mainly of four types:

  • Equity Funds: Under these ULIPs the investments are made primarily in stocks and equities on companies. They provide potential of higherreturns, but they also have high risks. So, if you have a higher risk appetite, these are the funds in which you can invest in.
  • The volatility of returns is higher in equity funds.
  • Debt Funds: Under these funds, investments are made in debt instruments such as Government securities, Money Markets, Corporate Bonds etc., which are issued by Governments, and Banks. The risk factor in these investments is moderate,and they provide moderate to low returns.
  • Liquidity Funds: Under these funds the investments are made in short-term market instruments such as Treasury Bills and Call Money. The maturity time of these funds is minimal, which is why they are used for short-term money goals.
  • Balanced Funds: These funds have moderate risk and offer less volatile returns as compared to equity oriented funds. In this type, the sum is invested in proportions between equity and debt.Thus, lowering the risk factors.
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