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What Are The Different Types Of Health Insurance?

The three different types of health insurance are as follows:

  • Mediclaim Plans: Mediclaim plans offer risk coverage to policyholder’s hospitalisation bills. These bills may include check-ups, tests, medicines and other utilities while the insured person is hospitalised.
  • Family Plans: These are the Mediclaim plans where the hospitalisation bills of the policyholder, as well as his families’, are covered. The single assured sum is applied to all the family members. Depending upon the terms and conditions of the policy, it may also cover re-hospitalisation bills for 60 to 90 days respectively.
  • Critical Illness Plans: This health insurance plan mainly focuses on providing insurance benefits to people in case of critical illnesses like cancer, heart diseases, paralysis, stroke and so forth. The insured person is provided with alumpsum amount that can cover their medical bills, as well as their hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses.
  • Disease specificcritical Illness plans eg. Cancer Insurance Plan: This health insurance policy provides cover for risks associated with cancer and its manifestations. The lump sum coverage amount can not only be used to cover treatment costs but also expenses like travelling, utility bills, food and childcare bills.

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