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What Are The Different Types Of Health Insurance?

What are the different types of disability insurances?

Different types of disability insurances

With the onset of the modern lifestyle that brings several risks to us, it has become . However, if you happen to suffer from a sudden disability and are forced to quit your job, you might go through a substantial financial loss — something which not all health insurance providers might cover.

You can opt for different types of disability insurance to make sure that such a situation could be avoid…

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Different types of life insurance plans in India

Different types of life insurance plans in India

Life without life insurance is risky business for your family. Yet, that does not seem to bother 75% of the Indian population or 988 million Indians who don’t own a life insurance policy, according to IRDAI data 2016-17. [1]

New data according to the IRDAI’s , shows that life insurance penetration suddenly fell from 3.1% in FY 2013-14 to 2.6% in FY 2014-15. Since then it gradually rec…

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What are the 2 main types of life insurance?

Type of Insurance Policy

Life insurance provides financial protection to the family and dependents of the policyholder in the unfortunate event of his death. Realising this importance, one may decide to get but before going ahead, it is important to look into the types of life insurance policies available and weigh them to find one that's suitable for you.

What are the two main types of life insurance

There are two basic

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5 Reasons to buy a heart and health insurance plan

Buy Heart and health Insurance Plan now

Good health is one of life’s greatest gifts, and you should always respect it and take good care of it. Your fitness journey should ideally start in your youth, continuing in a commitment that gets stronger with every passing year. Health should be holistic – that is, you should be concerned not only with the well-being of your physique but also …

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