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What Is Considered A Pre-Existing Condition On Health Insurance Policy?

5 Contagious Diseases Have Been Eliminated By Science

Diseases that science has eliminated

Improvements in healthcare and medical procedures and treatments have resulted in several diseases being eliminated from across the world. Increasing research and development, financed by governments, have led to a new global situation where diseases that earlier threatened millions of people no longer exist.

When Prithvi heard tales from his parents and even grandparents, he was fascinated by the way people had lived before tec…

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7 Reasons Tobacco Users Should Be Prepared for Cardiovascular Diseases

Be Prepared for CVD

Smoking has become more than a habit nowadays. Most smokers start smoking to relieve stress, to become a part of a group, to look cool, etc. But once they are habituated, they almost always get hooked. Thus, a drag becomes a habit, and a habit becomes an addiction. Smoking might feel good, but it is hazardous to smokers as well as to their family and friends.

Smoking causes a lot of problems, and it seriously affects your heart …

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5 Warning Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

Will I be taxed if I surrender ULIP after 5 years

Kidneys work around the clock like filtration plants for blood. Excess water, waste products and any other impurities that exist in one’s bloodstream are removed by their kidneys. Kidneys are directly connected to the bladder, where the waste and extra water are stored and turn into urine. Kidneys also maintain the body’s haemoglobin levels and regulate blood pressure.

Studies recently estimated that over one lakh new patients a…

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Why early detection is the key to fighting cancer?

early detection is the key to fighting cancer

Medha’s mother had been experiencing bleeding even after having reached menopause. A visit to the doctor revealed that she was in the late stage of cervical cancer and immediately needed to be hospitalised to begin treatment. Medha’s world came crashing down with this news since she had already lost her father two years back.

While having a chat with her doctor, Medha was informed that routine pap smear tests done earlier, could have…

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