Claims FAQs

Claims FAQs

  • Who is entitled to receive the claim benefit?

    Every life insurance policy document clearly states the 'Nominee/Beneficiary' in case of a claim. Based on the nature of the policy, the beneficiary can vary.

    Nature of the PolicyBeneficiary
    On Own Life Nominee or Appointee (in case of minor nominee) last recorded under the policy
    Not On Own Life Proposer
    If Policy is Assigned Assignee
    Health Insurance Life Assured
  • How can I ensure that my family receives seamless claims service?

    In order to ensure that the claim settlement process is hassle-free, ensure that:

    • You continue to pay the premium on time so that your policy does not lapse.
    • Your address and contact details are always updated.
    • Your family members are well-informed about the policy and its relevant documents.
    • While filling the policy proposal forms, you mention the intended recipient as the nominee. In case of change in nominee, you can approach the nearest branch office.
  • What is the claim process?

    Following are the three stages of Claims process:

    Claim Intimation – Intimate us with Death Certificate & submit all the mandatory claim documents.

    Claim Assessment – Claim documents are scrutinized by the Claims Team and in case of any pending requirements, the same are communicated to the claim beneficiary through a requirement letter. Claims may also be investigated, if necessary.

    Claim Decision – The claim is approved and then settled. A payment is made to the beneficiary’s bank account by NEFT OR The claim is rejected and a communication providing the reasons for rejection are sent to the beneficiary.

    Detailed process could be referred at Claims page

  • What is the Claim settlement time?

    The claim settlement time would depend upon the case and documents required for processing a particular claim. Post receipt of all the required documents & on completion of the verification process, the claim would be decided within 10 working days from receipt of last requirement.

  • Where can I check claims status?

    Claim status would be available by calling on our Toll free Number 1800-102-2355 or by writing to us at

  • What if Nominee/Beneficiary is minor?

    The claim is to be submitted by the Appointee, if any.

    In case the Appointee is not mentioned, the claim proceeds will be payable to Legal Guardian of the minor or Legal Heirs of the Life Assured, as the case may be, subject to submissions to relevant proof of guardianship or legal heirship.

  • What if Nominee/Beneficiary has also expired?

    If the Nominee has also expired, then the claim may be submitted by the Legal Heir of the deceased Life Assured. However, relevant legal documents like successions certificate and/or legal heir certificate and an indemnity bond are required to be submitted.

  • From where should I collect Indemnity bond?

    A Non-Judicial stamp paper for the indemnity bond can be purchased from local courts and/or stamp vendors. The contents of the indemnity bond can be collected from Future Generali India Life Insurance branches (as of now the same is not available elsewhere).

  • What is the cost of stamp paper?

    The cost of stamp paper depends upon the state to which the claimant belongs as given below:

    State Cost of Stamp paper
    All States except Maharashtra, Bihar & West Bengal Rs. 100
    Maharashtra Rs. 500
    Bihar Rs. 200
    West Bengal Rs. 50
  • What should I do if I am not satisfied with the claim decision?

    If the claimant is not satisfied with the claim decision, he/she can inform our Claims Review Committee in writing on the communication address mentioned in the decision letter.

  • Touch-point Names:

    For any further assistance, please contact us at any of our Service touch points mentioned below:

  • What are the documents I need to register for an Individual claim?
    Type of ClaimRequirement
    Death(all causes of death) 1. Claim Forms
       • Part I : Application Form for Death Claim (Claimant’s Statement)
       • Part II : Physician’s Statement
    2. Death certificate issued by a local government body like municipal corporation/village panchayat
    3. Medical cause of death certificate issued by attending physician
    4. Attested true copy of indoor case papers of the hospital(s)
    5. Post mortem (autopsy report) & chemical viscera report – if performed
    6. Advance discharge voucher from Group Administrator
    7. KYC of claimant along with cancelled cheque (bearing the name of claimant) or passbook of claimant in case the payment is to be made in name of claimant. Declaration from master policy holder is also required on letter head of master policy holder
    If death due to accident(submit in addition to the above) 8. All police reports/first information & final investigation report
    9. Proof of accident – panchnama/ inquest panchnama, etc.
    10. Newspaper cutting/photographs of the accident – if available.
  • Who should intimate a claim?

    Claim may be intimated by the Nominee named in the Policy or any Legal Heir/blood relative of the Life Assured. An agent of Future Generali India Life Insurance can also intimate the Company along with the necessary documentation. However, the agent can do so only after he has been authorized by the nominee or legal heir/blood relative of the Life Assured to do so.

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